Beatified Today: Blessed Maria Gargani Sometimes Gave the Sermon

Maria Gargan (1892-1973) was beatified in Naples today, Cardinal Amato presiding. Blessed Maria Gargani was an Italian professed religious who was a member of the Secular Franciscan Order and founder in 1936 of the Sisters Apostles of the Sacred Heart.

In the homily, Cardinal Amato said this:

In the parish she was a catechist, and sometimes the parish priest also had her give the sermon.


Uh oh.


  1. And she’s gonna be canonized O my heavens the church is gonna fall apart oh my God what is happening sin of sins error of errors excommunicate her not canonize her. JUST KIDDING. We need more models like her and more bishops that let her preach more pastors that let her preach

  2. This is why I believe that the power to preach at the time reserved for the homily is rooted in baptism – not Holy Orders.

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