Whaaaat? Church Luncheon Poster

Either public morals have declined markedly in the Catholic heartland of the Midwest, or else there should be a comma after “hat” in this church poster.



  1. Perhaps it’s simple economics: if someone attends wearing only a summer hat less food will be eaten so it should be cheaper. 🙂

  2. Another missing comma has an interesting effect in a bishop’s funeral program:


    (For some other bishops, I can imagine that missing comma and choice of line break might be, um, well, ….)

    Then again, my parents’ care for language attuned me to observing felicitous and otherwise choices of punctuation and line breaks. To this day, I am one of those people who prefers “thy will be done on earth / as it is in heaven” in the Our Father.

  3. Once, when I was a kid, a woman went up to the ambo before the dismissal to apologize for any offense caused by the typo in the bulletin. I scrambled to grab one to see what it could possibly have been. Turns out the boy scouts were going to have a soup fundraiser and wanted to give everyone a nice hot bowel.

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