Jan Kraybill, Hymn Society Director, to Step Down


In a letter to the membership this week, the Executive Committee of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada made known that Executive Director Jan Kraybill is stepping down effective August 1, 2018. Kraybill had only begun in May, 2017 (as Pray Tell reported).

The position of Hymn Society director was set up as three-quarter time to allow Kraybill to continue as organ performer, speaker, and clinician. But this combination of duties and work has not proven to be workable.

The Hymn Society is in a noteworthy growth pattern. As Kraybill wrote in her letter of resignation, the society

“has a growing and geographically-distributed staff, newly-robust financial resources, rapidly expanding programming, reputation for excellence in printed resources, and increasing opportunities to interact with like-minded organizations across the globe.”

As the Hymn Society notes in this week’s announcement,

“While this rapid growth is admittedly the cause of the current regrettable circumstances, it is ultimately good news for our organization.”

In 2015 Brian Hehn was named director of the society’s newly-founded Center for Congregational Song. The society is holding its annual conference in St. Louis this coming July, “Sacred Song and the Public Square.”

Kraybill will remain an active member of the Hymn Society. Plans are already way for a succession plan.

Pray Tell wishes every blessing upon Jan and upon the Hymn Society!

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