Pope of Surprises Goes Traditional for Urbi et Orbi Blessing

The pope of surprises did it again – but this time in a direction untypical of his pontificate thus far.

For the traditional blessing urbi et orbi – “to the city and to the world” – Pope Francis appeared on the loggia of St. Peter’s wearing on his head the tiara which even his more traditional predecessors have renounced. The tiara is one given to Francis in May 2016 by the President of the Assembly of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Trajko Veljanoski. At that time Francis gratefully received the gift, but it was not expected that he would actually wear it. Until today.

In his address this morning, the pope prayed for an end to the bloody war in Syria.



      1. What day? It’s Easter, of course. 🙂

        Not as funny as some of our previous April Fool’s day posts, I’m afraid.

        The reference to Syria is no joke.

  1. Usually at the end of these articles, there is a statement so absurb that you know it is a parody. Well, the last statement that there is a bloody war in Syria is very absurb but unfortunately not an April’s Fools joke. Our Lady of Peace and Mother of Hope, pray for us.

  2. It looks like our beloved Papa is sporting a giant Easter egg on his head. Happy Easter, every one!

  3. The Holy Father seemed to limping a lot from what I saw of the broadcast of the Easter Sunday Mass, maybe wearing this was the cause?

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