Good Friday

Our good Lord put a question to me: Are you well satisfied that I suffered for you? I said: Yes, good Lord, all my thanks to you; yes, good Lord, blessed may you be. Then Jesus our good Lord said If you are satisfied, I am satisfied. It is a joy, a bliss, an endless delight to me that ever I suffered my Passion for you; and if I could suffer more, I should suffer more. […]

The love which made him suffer surpasses all his sufferings, as much as heaven is above earth; for the suffering was a noble, precious and honorable deed, performed once in time by the operation of love. And love was without beginning, it is and shall be without end.

It is God’s will that we have true delight with Christ in our salvation, and in it he wants us to be greatly comforted and strengthened, and so joyfully he wishes our souls to be occupied with his grace. For we are his bliss, because he endlessly delights in us; and so with his grace shall we delight in him.


From the Showings of Julian of Norwich (1342 – c. 1416), English anchoress and mystic. Image: Good Friday, Br. Alan Reed, OSB, Saint John’s Abbey



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