Good Friday Intercession for Immigrants and Refugees

Bernadette Gasslein, editor of Worship journal, has proposed at Pray Tell that intercessions for the Muslims and for world peace be added to the Solemn Intercessions on Good Friday.

The Roman Missal says about the solemn Good Friday intercessions that “the Conference of Bishops may provide other invitations to introduce the prayer of the Priest. In situations of grave public need, the Diocesan Bishop may permit or order the addition of a special intention.

Just this morning the abbot asked me to set an additional intercession “For Immigrants and Refugees.” This is at the urging of Bishop Donald Kettler of the Diocese of St. Cloud. Here it is, with the text given by the St. Cloud Diocese:

Intercessions for Immigrants 2018


  1. Father Anthony: urged or required?
    In the past 4 years, here in the Seattle Archdiocese, our archbishop required a prayer added for people killed in a local natural disaster (a landslide) in 2014, and for the persecution of Christians in the Holy Land in 2015 (at the high of ISIS attacks in the Middle East).

    I’d be curious how often bishops take advantage of this–it seems easy, logical, and obviously pastoral. I’d imagine in some places in the US, this year, a prayer related to gun violence may be appropriate.

    At the same time, I’m afraid “certain bishops” could easily take advantage of something that’s for “grave public need” and instead use it to push a personal agenda, no matter how orthodox it is.

  2. The Diocese of San Jose has been publishing a special intercession for over 10 years. Last year’s version can be found at:

    This year’s version (not available on-line, unfortunately) was issued in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese and the introduction is:

    Let us pray for victims of human trafficking,
    war, domestic violence, and the slaughter of innocents,
    that the God of life and peace
    will watch over and care for them.

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