Feast of Saint Joseph

St. Joseph and Infant Jesus, Lewis Williams, OFS. Reprinted with permission.
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Every true seeker of God, from the beginning of time to the end of the world, has to pass through [a] mysterious inward death and rebirth, perhaps many times over. Joseph’s love of Mary and his vision of life with her—and later his love of Jesus and his vision of life with him—were his two great visions, both given to him by God and both seemingly taken away from him by circumstances God arranged. These were the two eyes that he had to give up in order to see with God’s eyes. He had to surrender his personal vision in order to become Vision itself. That, after all, is the goal and term of Christian life.

God grant us people with great vision! By that I mean men and women who dedicate themselves to some great ideal or purpose. Vision is what gives ordinary life its direction and invests it with purpose

– from And the Word was Made Flesh by Thomas Keating.


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