Zagano: What’s the Problem with Women Deacons?

US Catholic has an interesting article by Phyllis Zagano, “What’s the Problem with Women Deacons?” This article ably and succinctly summarizes the state of the question. Zagano makes clear that diaconate is a distinct order from the priesthood in the Catholic Church, and hence the question of ordaining women deacons is not connected to the question of women priests.

There are also some interesting nuggets in this piece. This, for example:

By all accounts, the ITC [International Theological Commission – ed.] voted to approve women deacons in a paper that its president, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, refused to promulgate. From 1997-2002 the ITC wrote a second study, about four times longer than the first, which said women deacons was a question for the Magisterium to decide. That is, they did not say no, they just did not say yes.

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  1. Around the world, the need for this step will vary a great deal. The situation in rural Brazil is quite different from urban USA. The acceptance in Africa will be different from Europe, though I venture to suggest that the need in Africa for women to minister to women is also different. The pastoral situation in France is quite different from Germany, since in France the State maintains pre-20th century churches for which the Church cannot provide services with any frequency.

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