Pope: Confessional is Like a Cup of Coffee with God

On Tuesday Pope Francis gave a homily at Casa Santa Marta, calling Lent a time for growing closer to God through “helpful conversation.” While reflecting on Isaiah 1:10, 16-20, the Pope points out that God wants to have a conversation with the leaders of Sodom and Gomorrah like a father speaks with his son. Similarly, Francis says that God wants to talk about our sins over a cup of coffee:

[T]his is how the Lord calls us: ‘Come on, let’s have a coffee together. Let’s talk this over, let’s discuss it. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to beat you.’ And since he knows his child is thinking ‘But I did something wrong…’, he immediately [adds], ‘Even if your sins be like scarlet, they may become white as snow. If they be crimson red, they may become like wool’.

H/T: Vatican News

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