Has John Paul I Worked a Miracle or Two?

It seems that the deceased postconciliar popes just can’t stop working miracles.

La Tribuna di Treviso reported on Monday that a 15-year-old girl from Parè had leukemia. Her parish priest brought this concern to Pope Francis, who gave assurance of his prayers. The priest, who had John Paul I his bishop before he was elected pope, prayed for the girl to John Paul I at his tomb in Rome. And now the girl is doing remarkably better.

To be sure, this is not an authenticated miracle yet, though the priest is convinced of the power of the pope’s intercession. As is the former mayor of Treviso, who believes he also was healed of serious illness because of his prayers to John Paul I.

At this point John Paul I is already “venerable,” so the next step for him would be beatification. Pope Francis seems favorably disposed to Luciano’s cause. As he said to the priest, “I already pray to him as a saint.”





  1. The wonderful thing about Papa Luciani is how different agendas are projected onto his abbreviated pontificate.

    Then again, if you read his briefly-famous book from the time before he became Pope, Illustrissimi, you might find those agendas scrambled. My copy from when I was a high school senior was left in my late parents’ library and then lost at some point when we moved them around.


  2. “Doing remarkably better?” God, Who created the entire universe from nothing; God, Who changed water to fine wine in an instant; God, the All-Powerful; He can only manage to help this poor girl do “remarkably better?” Does anyone think God couldn’t have completely restored this girl to perfect health in an instant if He so willed?

    I am glad that the girl is doing better, but, to call this a miracle is to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a miracle is.

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