New Papal MC

According to the Vatican website this morning, Fr Krzysztof Marcjanowicz, a priest of the diocese of Krakow, has been named Papal Master of Ceremonies. Fr Marcjanowicz has been working for the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, and a few days ago substituted for the Undersecretary, Mgr Graham Bell, at a press conference.


    1. Yes, the others appear to be Pier Enrico Stefanettiego, Diego Giovanniego Ravelli, Marco Agostiniego, Massimiliano Matteo Boiardiego, Vincenzo Peroniego and Jána Dubiny.

    2. Mons. Guido Marini was granted another 5-year term as was announced last month and also in 2017. He is a remarkably capable man for this post. He is so well known for his kindness and gentleness and being a very pious priest. Pray for him daily as his work encompasses the whole liturgy and presented a clear as possible to the faithful and searchers alike.

  1. His 2010/2011 doctorate in Liturgy at Sant’ Anselmo was on “Color est lux incorporata perspicuo”. La codificazione dei colori liturgici nel XII secolo

      1. Finally an update to Hope and Atchley’s “English Liturgical Colours” and which should prove stimulating reading for a snowy afternoon.

  2. Marcjanowicz was born on 24 March 1977 in Krakow, ordained priest on 8 June 2002. Has been working for the PCPNE since 2011.

  3. Don’t seem to be any Asians of Africans on members list for the Papal MC’s etc. Not that there aren’t any from both those regions with graduate degrees in Liturgy. But then the CDWDS has a similar problem as you look down the ranks. Liturgical texts and other liturgical requests submitted from Japan are reviewed by a canon lawyer, whose name I shall desist from publishing.

      1. Msgr. Cihak is now back in Oregon and is currently serving at St Anthony of Padua, Forest Grove (this is a temporary posting till Easter).

  4. I am curious. Why was Monsignor Cihak transferred back to Oregon? In my opinion he was an excellent Assistant Papal Master of Ceremonies.

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