Vatican digital organ petition hits 10,000 – Ruff speaks out

10,000 petition Cardinal Sarah over ‘inadequate’ digital organ in St Peter’s Basilica” Catholic Herald reports.


Fr Anthony Ruff, editor of the Pray Tell blog and teacher of liturgy at St John’s University School of Theology-Seminary in Minnesota, was among the signatories.

“Digital organs are not intrinsically bad,” he told the Catholic Herald. “They are products of human technology just as are pipe organs, and in some cases they are the best solution. But not in St Peter’s, where a large, mighty pipe organ would be possible and would sound much better.”

Read the whole thing here.



  1. With regard to an Allen appliance machine, I don’t think there’s a problem as long as everyone knows it will only last around 10 years. It’s not as if they are paying for it. But the one we have here (for which they paid $50K 20 years ago) is a POS and I wouldn’t put a dollar into it.

  2. Perhaps all these protesters have not listened an Allen with unbiased ears¡ 2017 Christmas Mass was simply magnificent with Allen sound.

  3. I don’t object to digital organs in themselves, but of all places in the world, Saint Peter’s should have a magnificent pipe organ befitting the space. I’m sure there are benefactors who would gladly underwrite the cost. Allen makes a good instrument, but a digital organ can only simulate the sound a pipe organ makes naturally. I know nothing about the physics of sound–can a digital organ also reproduce the overtones?

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