Young New Bishop Announced for Austria

A new diocesan administrator of Austria and Hungary has recently been announced: It is Bishop Antony Sevryuk, who will turn 34 in October 2018. His episcopal ordination took place in October 2015, some days after his 31st birthday.

Bishop Antony ( this sounds too strange to you: We are not talking about the Roman Catholic Church, but the Russian Orthodox Church, where candidates for ordination can be younger than their Catholic counterparts. Nevertheless Bishop Antony is one of the youngest Orthodox bishops worldwide.

Since 2015 he has been head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for Foreign Institutions and administrator of the Italian diocese.

Here you can find the announcement by the Orthodox Church in Austria.


  1. Thirty-four! I heard tell that a Catholic bishop who was consecrated in his late forties complained in his late fifties that he was too young when made a bishop. He said he didn’t have the necessary wisdom in his younger days. Oh, well, we do grow into our various occupations, deo adiuuante.

  2. Noteworthy, besides his age, are the facts that he was pastor of the Russian community on Rome for 2011-2015 and that he led the Moscow Patriarchate’s office for foreign affairs. One of his predecessors in Vienna and Budapest was Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev, one of the most important Orthodox figures in ecumenical relations with Rome.

  3. Let’s be honest here, the pool for bishops is much different in the Orthodox Churches as the bishops are drawn from among the monks, and if not, then from a (rare) unwed or widowed non-monastic priest, who is then tonsured directly before his episcopal ordination. Younger Orthodox or Greek Catholic bishops are not at all unusual. Look at the age of the patriarch (head) of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for an example.

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