Another English Bishop Apologizes for Missal Translation

As Pray Tell reported, Bishop Crispian Hollis recently apologized for the unfortunate English translation of the Roman Missal of 2011. In the current issue of The Tablet, Bishop Thomas McMahon, bishop emeritus of Brentwood, added his voice to Hollis’s with this letter to the editor:

Your headline “We bishops got it wrong about the Missal” (Letters, 9 December) prompts me to add my own mea culpa. In my case doubly so, since for many years I was part of the National Liturgical Commission.

As Bishop Crispian Hollis indicated in his letter, the volume of work at the Bishops’ Conference is considerable and sometimes we failed to do justice to something as important as translations for the Missal. However, I was also very aware that whatever text we came up with, Rome was intent on complete oversight and having a translation closer to the Latin; hence the rather convoluted prayers that we now have.

Like others, I feel sure that given the support expressed by Pope Francis, a way forward could be found.



    1. Remember Brian that dissension was verboten under Benedict… voices and hearts need to be retrained to be free to collaborate. 🙂

      And America could use some VII chutzpah; perhaps another English invasion?

      1. I think “dissenters” are worse off with Bergoglio then they ever were with Benedict. Maybe in a few years time.

    2. He wrote something in ‘The Shape of the Liturgy,’ about being ‘governed by the whims of elderly eccentrics’ (I think that’s the quote)

      He was referring to the Bishops of the Church of England.

      It is of course unthinkable that anyone would take this quote and apply it to personnel in the Vatican or, for that matter, the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.


      1. You may well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

        PS: I’ve never bothered to watch the Netflix House of Cards, because the original trio of series was such perfection, and this shift to an American context means one is dealing with American political characters, much less able to provide such exquisite entertainment.

    1. Surprise surprise another bishop speaks out in this week’s Tablet!

      Jon Crowley, Bishop Emeritus of Middlesbrough, UK, writes:

      “…Like a number of my fellow bishops I have had plenty of time to repent of our original decision to vote this translation through Conference…”

      Who will be next?!

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