Guido Marini Reconfirmed as Papal MC – UPDATED

Italian sources had claimed to know that Guido Marini, master of ceremonies for Benedict XVI who was retained by Francis, was about to be removed and given care of some Marian shrine. His replacement was to be a disciple of Piero Marini (no relation), the progressive liturgical figure who was secretary to Annibale Bugnini, the architect of the liturgical reforms carried out according to the wishes of the Second Vatican Council.

But now a certain Gianluca Barile tweeted on December 5 that Guido Marini has been confirmed in office by Pope Francis.

UPDATE 12-22-17: Andrea Tornielli reports in La Stampa that Guido Marini has been confirmed in office for five more years.



  1. Once you spread the rumor that a conservtive priest is going to be removed, the typical Vatican strategy is just to wait. He will be removed for sure: if not now, certainly in few months. No doubts on that: it’s the new religion of mercy.

    1. Guido Marini+ reminds me a bit of the Vicar of Bray although entertaining the thought of becoming a Jesuit might still be a veritable good career move for him.

      He’s toned done the lace as well as the robes and having adapted well to the Holy Father’s style makes Him look quite dignified. It would indeed be foolish for our most holy lord the Pope to remove him. (Echoes of Msgr. Benson, alas!)

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