New Text of Infant Baptismal Rite Approved

The U.S. Catholic bishops voted at their November 13-14 meeting to approve the new text of the Order of Baptism for Children, despite the concerns of some that the new wording is long-winded and cumbersome. The text was prepared according to the norms of Liturgiam authenticam. The vote passed with the needed two-thirds majority. 23 voted against the new text, with 3 abstaining.

Catholic News Service reported on the story here.

The Order of Baptism for Children is used for the baptism of infants and young children. The baptism of those children who have reached the age of reason is carried out according to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.


  1. Is the text available online anywhere?

    If the process is the same as it has been in past years, the US conference’s approval is just one among the ICEL member conferences that would be required in order to seek the Holy See’s confirmation and actually have the text promulgated. Is the US conference the first to approve it?

  2. Reportedly the new version has an order for the incorporation of infant baptism during mass. It will be interesting to see what they suggest for that.

    1. In the article…

      “Retired Bishop Donald W. Trautman of Erie, Pennsylvania, questioned the need for the change and the expense of doing it, saying the changes were relatively minor and made the text more cumbersome.”

      Sounds like the first cousin to the revised missal.

  3. In light of recent news from the Vatican and over the years from various episcopal conferences, I was hoping against hope that our bishops would see this as an opportunity to re-examine not only this text but the missal translation as well, and come up with a better translation.
    When, after Bishop Trautman’s brief but important observations, they chose to vote as they did, I felt disappointed.
    If the new text turns out to be along the lines of the Roman Missal, I’m afraid this will go down as an opportunity missed, a kairos moment ignored, a mistake, and a big waste of money.

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