Do It Rite: Cantors, Get off the Mic!

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Do It Rite series:
Anthony Ruff, “The Organist as Conductor
Anthony Ruff, “Play the Downbeat
Johan van Parys, “When Will the Catholic Church Stop Smoking?
Johan van Parys, “Why The Catholic Church Does Processions
Johan van Parys, “The Liturgy and Silence

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  1. Totally agree!! Also, I find that “call and response” genres are very effective in getting assemblies to sing. The response can be timid at first, but when folks hear how lame it sounds when they do not answer, the response gets much more confident!! Give them their voice!!

  2. Sincere questions: Do you have any opinions about harmony from the choir? Is it helping the community make a beautiful and joyful noise, or is it usurping their voice with microphone as bludgeon? Thanks for the informative series.

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