Westminster Choir College: Faculty Receive Layoff Notices

Here is very sad news:

Westminster Choir College faculty members received layoff notices from Rider University via email yesterday. All of the professors at the world-renowned school will be laid off as of Aug. 3.

Chant specialist Fr. Gerard Farrell OSB, monk of Saint John’s Abbey, taught at Westminster 1976-1999, and in his later years he also taught chant summer courses in the MA in Liturgical Music at St. John’s School of Theology.


  1. As the linked article implies, this may be a stratagem in a larger controversy about the college having a separate campus in Princeton and the university’s desire to consolidate. As with most things in life, it all comes back to money 🙁

    If the college really is ceasing operation, I’d like to know what has been communicated to the students.

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