The Feast of Saints Simon and Jude

Little is known of St. Simon and St. Jude; they labored and they taught in their generation; they were gifted with miraculous powers, and by their preaching founded churches and saved souls; they traveled into the East and West, till at last they were taken away from the earth. Yet we know little of their history now. Although honored in their generation, and the glory of their times, yet they have no memorial, but are perished as though they had never been.

And hence we draw an important lesson for ourselves, which, however obvious, is continually forgotten by us in the actual business of life; namely to do our duty without aiming at the world’s praise.

(From a sermon by Blessed John Henry Newman. Image: St. Simon and St. Jude in The Church of Saints Simon and Jude in Ottrott, Alsace, France.)

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