German-speaking bishops move to take control over liturgical translations

Cardinal Reinhard Marx says Liturgiam authenticam, the rules for translation the Vatican issued in 2001, was a “dead end”. But thanks to a recent decision by the pope the bishops now have greater freedom.

The German bishops’ president, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, said the first reaction he and his confreres had to the new “moto proprio” was a sense of “huge relief”.

Much more here.

It is interesting to note that the German hymnal Gotteslob contains, at the insistence of the CDWDS, a Eucharistic Prayer text that was never approved by the German Bishops’ Conference and is not actually in force. The text includes “for many” as a translation of pro multis, even though the authorized translation from 1976 is “for all”; and so the book also contains a note drawing attention to the “error” in the printed text.

Will the English-speaking bishops follow suit on translations? In the US, the USCCB apparently has two working parties currently examining the liturgical and canonical implications of Magnum Principium who it is expected will report to the conference in November.

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