Pray Tell blog is hosting a contest for young millennials to share their thoughts and opinions and preferences and passions on worship. In accord with the spirit of our blog, which is Catholic and ecumenical, we want young people up to age 25 to tell us about their experience of worship. High-schoolers, members of youth groups, singers and liturgical ministers, graduate theology students along with undergrad theology majors and minors – all are welcome to enter the contest.

What do you win?

  • Your post will be featured on the Pray Tell blog front page for a full week and you’ll be pretty famous.
  • Your post will be sent throughout our social media channels and you’ll be even more famous.

What to submit?

  • Go with your passions, and use whatever media helps you express your opinion and make your point. Your proposed post can include personal stories, quotations, a poem, a video, graphic design, a favorite song, any type of art – it’s up to you!
  • We suggest a length of 300-800 words for a typical blog post. Obviously, videos and poems might not fall under this suggestion.

Suggestions for your entry

  • We want to hear your thoughts on any type of worship service or liturgy, and any aspect of it – perhaps preaching, or music, or art, or vestments, or hospitality, or anything else you want to speak on.
  • The subtitle of Pray Tell is “worship, wit, and wisdom.” We welcome your wisdom and your sense of humor.
  • We encourage strong opinions, but please be thoughtful and respectful in your submission.
  • The winning entry will be selected on the basis of high quality work which makes a good point and will be interesting to the readers of Pray Tell blog.

Key information

  • Submissions are due Monday, October 2ndat 11:59 P.M. Central Time
  • Please provide a short bio including your name, age, school, and a picture
  • Submit your entry or any questions to


  1. Many millennials are in their 30’s; I suppose in many assemblies they might seem like youth, but I think young adults at best… we have kids, houses, a couple white hairs, and plenty of debt!

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