National Catholic Youth Choir: The Video

You’ll want to watch this, and then share it widely – especially with young Catholics who need to know about this amazing experience. Latin chant, Palestrina, Bach, Schubert, Duruflé, Proulx, Joncas, Rutter, spirituals, world music… it’s all just amazing.


  1. I loved being a part of NCYC. I loved the music, the prayer elements, meeting some of the faculty, and the campus itself. I’m a student at the sister school, CSB, because of this program and I couldn’t be happier here. It also helped me become closer to God through music, and I made lots of friends, many of which I still keep in touch with. (Including my boyfriend of two years, a Jonnie) Overall, it’s a great experience and I would highly recommend it.

  2. Being a part of this choir has changed my life. The music and people are all amazing. I spent 4 years in the choir and if i wasn’t in college now i’d go back for my 5th year for sure. Spending time with God through music and friends is a wonderful way to understand yourself and learn how to talk to God on a deeper level. Every choir member has a blast and the activities that Father Anthony Ruff and all the camp counselors have planed everyday is sure to bring more smiles to a bunch of already happy teenagers. So many kids these days are glued to their phones and not learning how to be a part of the real world anymore but when we find yourself on this campus of St. Johns I promise you your eyes will open to the glory of God. after 4 years in the choir I decided to come to college here as a student of SJU and love every second of it. I highly encourage any high schooler with a passion for music to please join and see that this is the best choir you will ever join. I’ve been in all state choirs that don’t hold a candle to this amazing ensemble of music loving teens. Ask any member who has ever been in the choir and they will say the same thing. Go, don’t walk, Run to NCYC where you’ll make new friends and grow closer to God.

    God bless.

    Adam J Lara, NCYC 2014-2017

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