The Arts and Ecumenism: What Theology Risks in Artistic Creation Conference

Following sessions in Paris, Strasbourg, and Florence, the Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre for Art and Spirituality concludes this international symposium The Arts and Ecumenism: What Theology Risks in Artistic Creation with conferences at Yale University (October 20th-21st) and Cape Cod (October 27th-29th).

The Yale Institute of Sacred Music will host Sacred Arts in North American Contexts from October 20th-21st. It will lay out a series of case studies that demonstrate a range of religious traditions in North America, and an equally diverse range of artistic expressions both within and without specific liturgical contexts.

For more information on the conference at Yale and to register, click here.

The Community of Jesus in Cape Cod, Massachusettes will host Arts in Celebration: The Word in Color, Action, Music, and Forms from October 27th-29th. It will be the culmination of this exploration of sacred arts and ecumenism, focusing on the creativity behind and expression in both the visual and performing arts. The Community of Jesus will host displays and demonstrations of mosaic, fresco, and Gregorian Chant; lectures and panel discussions; Spirito Creatore exhibit of contemporary sacred art by artists Susan Kanaga and Filippo Rossi; liturgies of the Divine Office and Holy Eucharist, and a fully staged presentation of Vaughan Williams’s opera, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

For more information on the conference Cape Cod and to register, click here.

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