The Feast of Saint Matthew

Procession with the relics of the apostle Matthew in Salerno, Italy.

“If you would hear the call of Jesus you need no personal revelation: all you have to do is to hear the sermon and receive the sacrament, that is, to hear the gospel of Christ crucified and risen.  Here he is, the same Christ whom the disciples encountered, the same Christ whole and entire. … Hence our situation is not a whit less clear than that of the disciple or the publican in the gospel.”  (from The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhöffer)


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  1. Cities in what is now Italy certainly Hoovered up the major Apostolic and Evangelistic relics during the Middle Ages: most the major shrines of the Apostles (except James the Greater being in Compostela, Matthias being in Trier and St John the Evangelist lost in ruins of Ephesus) and Evangelists – are there. Several (Peter, Paul, James the Less and Philip, Bartholomew, Simon and Jude) in various places in Rome, but Andrew in Amalfi, Thomas in Ortona, Matthew in Salerno, Mark in Venice and Luke in Padua.

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