Mexican Church Condemns Those Helping to Build Trump’s Wall

The Archdiocese of Mexico has lashed out and condemned anyone who helps build Donald Trump’s wall:

Any Mexican who helps build President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall separating the United States from Mexico should be considered “traitors to the motherland,” according to the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico.




  1. Mm. Some pretty intemperate quotes are found in that editorial, as reported in the linked article. Compare and contrast with the thoughtful quote from Sister Donna Markham from Catholic Charities at the end of the article.

    Donald Trump didn’t think up the idea of erecting a wall between the US and Mexico – he just exploited it for political purposes. It was first proposed in 2005 and signed into law by George W Bush. Did the “archdiocese of Mexico” (presumably Mexico City, I guess) similarly condemn any Mexican who cooperated with that initial endeavor? Or does the fact that Donald Trump supports it just make it more sinful?

    I daresay all of us understand that the wall is a symbol, and can be deplored on that basis. But a generous and rational immigration policy can function with or without a wall. If all the archdiocesan officials are doing is attacking Donald Trump and a wall, they haven’t thought very hard about the topic. Or so it seems to me.

  2. Regarding: “”Any company intent on investing in the wall of the Trump fanatic would be immoral,” the editorial concluded. “But above all, its shareholders and owners should be considered as traitors to the motherland.”” [from the cited article]
    – The episcopal emotions that flow through the article are understandable from the point of view of patriotism and love of ones homeland and culture.
    – It will be a good if these same bishops would point to any similarly strongly worded guidance pointed at the variously involved ‘small businesses’ that illegally transport people into the USA or at least to just over the border into the USA. Are not these ‘small businesses’ equally traitors to Mexico? E.g., they ignore Mexican law regulating Mexican relations with the USA, and the international community generally, and they no doubt ignore whole swaths of the Mexican commercial code as businesses.

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