A New Look!

Hello, Pray Tell  community: As you see, our new website for has launched. We hope you like it. Meanwhile, the same great content continues as before.

It’s great having you as part of our community!




  1. Is there a way to have a comment icon next to each topic in the sidebars? Given that your recent comment list has a short time frame, having a comment icon (with # of comments) will allow better navigation and exploration for frequent followers.

    1. What sidebars? I don’t see any way to make sure that I see every posted item, much less whether there are any comments, if so how many, and what comments have come in recently.

      If “great content” continues to appear, I may very well miss it, in the new format.

      1. Agreed. Also that when you hit a comment under Recent Comments, you are sent to the post, not the comments.

        The design shift seems geared towards folks reading on a smart phone, in the sense of only displaying the top-most level of information, as it were. I think that works for entertainment teasers, less so for the kind of topics and readers typically engaged here.
        The solution to bridge that usually is to give readers a choice about how much to display. Just my twopence.

      2. agreed
        please can we have available
        * a single time-sorted list of all new articles, so we do not have to search lots of sections looking for new things
        * long list of recent comments, so we can look at what has been active since our previous visit to the site

  2. Thanks for the comments – yes, we want to look at this. There are some bugs to work out in the new launch.

  3. Another bug — the headings that seem to appear across the top in the slide-shot of the new site do not appear on my screen.
    (No categories, archives …). Not an improvement.

  4. Thanks for all these comments and suggestions – they’re all being noted.
    Some of the links aren’t working right – we’ll look at that tomorrow.

  5. They have taken my blog, and I know not where they have laid it! The previous design worked perfectly with my sense of logic and order, while the new design seems to throw information in every direction. Does the News section have to appear at the top of every page? Well not the top, exactly, but the part below the thing that’s below the other thing but above the part that I thought that I clicked on in the first place. Or did I?

      1. This redesign mirrors some of what happened to the NCR website some time ago, with stuff strewn all over the place on the home page. At least Pray Tell doesn’t duplicate items in different places on the same page like NCR does…..

        I agree with what KLS and Tim Sharrock said, and had already fed those things through privately. Let us hope that they come to pass.

        At the moment the Recent Comments feature is only working intermittently.

  6. Teaser carousels are a pet peeve of mine, so I’d like to respectfully argue against having a carousel on the front page at all.
    * It’s not a new web trick anymore. The novelty has worn off, and so the cons stand out more now.
    * They waste space, and worse, it can seem like you’re trying to make up for not having content. (Like adding photos to your term paper in order to meet your page requirement)
    * They’re inefficient. A simple list of links to the articles you’d like to highlight is much easier and quicker to scan and click. How many times have you been *just* about to click on a carousel card when it auto loads the next one?
    * They’re inconsistent from one website to another. And so a new visitor has to find the controls for the carousel if they want to go back. But, carousels have several different formats, so a new visitor has to figure out which one is being used. Fractions of a second to figure out, true, but many pebbles in the road make for a slow drive.
    * The controls often clash with the background photos/text. Ex: the white boxes at the top right show up fine on top of the red card for the Misal Romano story. But they’re completely invisible over the Baby-Hymn-Singing card. The red buttons are less visible on the red Misal Romano card.
    * If you insist on having a carousel, please make it so that you can click anywhere in the area of the card to go to the link, instead of only the title/description.
    * Inconsistent on phone in portrait orientation vs landscape mode. In portrait, the Misal Romano card isn’t big enough to show the text, so I can’t get to the link you’re trying to direct me to. In landscape, the clickable text appears, but now the photo is stretched and distorted.
    * google “website carousel best practices” for more, but you get the idea.
    * Can you tell I really don’t like carousels? 🙂

    But on a more positive note, these comments represent super fine tuning on just one design element. Overall, the website has a…

    1. And if you insist on using a carousel, please make sure the background photos are of equal size. Right now, some of them have a greater height, so the content below the carousel in jumping up and down.

  7. Ah, the “buzzfeedification” of PrayTell. A change that may rival the recent change in 4th degree regalia for the KofC. 🙂

    On a serious note Fr. Ruff, all the red is painful.

  8. “Change has no constituency” – Jack Welch.

    I’m going to test drive it for a few days before reaching any conclusions. Visually, it definitely “pops” more than the old site.

  9. First thoughts, I am not a fan. The prior set up was simple and easy to navigate. The red and white background contrast is an eye sore.

  10. Maybe I just don’t like change.

    I’m sorry, Dear Anthony, I really preferred the old look.

    Was this necessitated by a change in server or webhost?

    My eyes hurt now.

    Sorry … love the still-great content.


  11. Can you make the color of the banners match the liturgical color of the day? Red only on when liturgical vestments are red.

    1. Claire – I wish we could! I asked about this for liturgical seasons when the blog when up in 2010 – and was told it’s rather complicated and they can’t adjust it over and over. With regrets,

  12. I prefer all the articles on date order, rather than scattered. I really would rather see more current articles than those from weeks ago.

    This design may be intended for better behavior on mobile devices, but in fact, using Chrome browser on my Android phone, I can’t even see this article, ” A New Look”, on my screen. I only knew it was here by stumbling on a comment. I have to request the desktop site, which shows the wider screen. But then, of course, it’s not appropriate for the smaller display of my phone. Also, I can’t enter a comment on the mobile site. The keyboard display entirely covers the text box I am entering in, and it gets lost.

    I know it’s always hard to introduce change, and Facebook is proof that we will whine about any new user interface, but eventually adapt. But I think some testing on a wider variety of devices may be in order.

  13. Perhaps instead of having the “News” Bar always display on the right, it could be replaced by the “Recent Posts” bar?

    A clearer indication of how to comment would also be welcome. The icon can get lost amidst all the other icons on the page.

  14. The “Recent Posts” and longer “Recent Comments” in the menu-bar make a big difference, thanks

  15. Really not what I want, just a confusing mess. I have bookmarked the recent posts page and deleted my previous bookmark. That puts me back with the information I previously enjoyed, but in a much less attractive display.

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