Bishop of Feldkirch, Austria, on Discussing Married Priests

APA12650034-2 - 08052013 - FELDKIRCH - …STERREICH: ZU APA 291 II - Der Vorarlberger Bischof Benno Elbs am Mittwoch, 08. Mai 2013, anl. eines PressegesprŠchs zu seiner Bischofsernennung in Feldkirch. APA-FOTO: DIETMAR STIPLOVSEK
Bishop Benno Elbs

The bishop of Feldkirch, Austria, Benno Elbs, took up the words of Pope Francis on married priests and called for an open debate of the question, Austrian public radio reports.

In an interview published today in Austria, Bishop Elbs said that

one can, and indeed should, discuss all things.

He stated,

For regions with very few priests, a solution is needed. The Church must think about this. It is a question of securing the transmission of the faith for the future.


  1. An open question: to what extent does the Church need a ministerial priesthood?

    Hierarchy has evolved over the Centuries. A major paper produced in the Netherlands by the Dominicans as long ago as the 1980s advocated that each parish should appoint its own ministers of celebration, based on the ‘probity’ of that member in the community, regardless of sex, rank or status. Many parishes there have long adopted this custom, and have kept Eucharist at the heart of their communities. The argument is based on the priestly status of all the baptized, and on the practices of the Early Church.

    I throw this into the arena, expecting to be devoured by the lions….

    1. @Tony Barr:
      I doubt you’ll be devoured by lions. Hardly! You might merely be disagreed with. Oh, the humanity! Such a tragic end. There are oodles of denominations have no ministerial priesthood. Perhaps it serves multicultural diversity to condescend to allow the Catholic church to be different in that regard.

  2. I would personally like to discuss the introduction of armed Knights of Columbus. I would feel much safer.

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