Am I missing something in The Roman Missal (English translation)?

In working out an answer to an inquiry from a colleague (ecclesiologist) about a certain acclamation in the Roman Missal, I just discovered that the English Translation According to the Third Typical Edition (2011) does not seem to include an appendix with the entire Latin text of the Mass, that is, the Ordo Missae. In contrast, the previous Sacramentary (1975, based on the second typical edition of the Missale Romanum) includes such an appendix, namely, Appendix IV, with three sections: Ordo Missae Cum Populo, Ordo Missae Sine Populo, and Missae Diversae.

I’m at a loss. Am I missing something in this massive third English-edition missal in front of me, or am I just incapable of navigating it properly? Any helpful advice (including where I might easily access the Latin typical edition) would be greatly appreciated.


    1. @Matthew Roth:
      Matthew, do you know this for a fact, or is it speculation? Sounds like an urban legend, but so many decisions about the Missal were jaw-dropping, one doesn’t feel that anything is beyond belief anymore.

      If this is fact, do you have a reference for it? Thanks.

  1. For copyright reasons, I suppose, the text of the Missale Romanum is not easily found (presuming that by “easily access” you mean on the web), but there is a text of the editio tertia (2002) here:
    Maybe the editio tertia emendata (2008) is up somewhere, but I did not see it. For the altar missal itself:
    and perhaps there is a cheaper hand-missal size available somewhere.

  2. Were I a priest, I would simply say Mass from the Missale Romanum 2008 and have a printout of the English propers at hand.

  3. The Catholic Truth Society (CTS) in the UK along with various ediitons of the Altar Missal, produced, “The CTS Daily Missal – Peoples Edition”, which also contains the Latin for the Ordinary, and all the Propers (ie, Collects etc and Prefaces,but not the readings) with the exception of those celebrations specific to the British Isles.
    It is compact enough, and very reasonably priced at 45 pounds sterling. My copy is always near at hand.

      1. @Fritz Bauerschmidt:
        Well the singular “translation” is in the title. I think that Ben’s comment was lighthearted and subtle praise for the diligence of Bruce Morrill’s colleague.

  4. Thanks to the comment by Dennis Smolarski, I purchased the App for the Mexican Missale Romanum ($10.82).
    “Application with full Roman Missal in Latin and Spanish. We are also including English, Italian, and German texts. So, you’ll end having here the following Missals:
    Latin-English (now partial)
    Spanish-English (now partial)
    Latin-Italian (now partial)
    Spanish-Italian (now partial)

    It can be in one or two languages ​​only, or both in two columns, or see the translation into another text touching it.

    Access to the various parts of the Mass through tabs, which come to be the equivalent of a missal ribbons, remembering the previous position of each one. This allows “prepare” the Mass to be followed, without going through links during the celebration.

    It also has “presets” which allow you to save sites (for example, certain readings hit) and then quickly go to those sites.

    It includes a perpetual liturgical calendar that allows to know the current liturgical day and prepare directly the Mass of the day chosen from here.”
    Last updated February 5, 2017

  5. To shed a little bit of light on this subject… it was not an oversight, but it was a deliberate decision because of the already hefty size of the book. The Missale Parvum includes not just the Ordo Missal but a collection of prospers and mass formularies as well.

    As some have observed, those who desire to celebrate Mass in Latin usually have access to a Latin edition of the Missal. While having the Ordo Missae handy would be helpful, it just couldn’t fit in the English edition. There had been plans to do a separate reprint of the Missale Parvum, which is an official liturgical book.

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