St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, IN, to close temporarily

This likely will include the school’s summer degree program in liturgical music.

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  1. How does a school close “temporarily” when the problem is funding? Are they likely to get sufficient funds to reopen after a period of inactivity?

    As I understand it, once the students and faculty are told that they have to go somewhere else, it’s a huge challenge to restart the operation.

    Alan, do you have any insight into how this is expected to work?

    I was in touch some with the Sweet Briar College closing and reopening that happened recently, and it was a gargantuan effort to get the school back on track.

    1. @Rita Ferrone:
      Rita – I do not know precisely what the plan is; while I’d known for a while that there were financial problems, I did not know it was on the scale of $100 million.

      My sister was involved in a similar situation 20+ years ago, when Roman Catholic demographics in general were in a better place and her school never came up from under. (She, being a business professor, was wise enough to see the day coming, and plan her life accordingly.)

      I am largely naïve about large-scale financial matters, but in the current circumstances, having to come up with nearly $100,000/student seems like a difficult-to-surmount obstacle.

  2. It has been announced that Marian University (Indianapolis, IN) is reaching-out to any St. Joseph’s student and has a program in place for them to transfer to Marian, if they desire. Marian will even honor the student’s existing financial aid package (i.e., it will not cost them anything additional to transfer to Marian). Details here:

  3. I do know that Steve Janco, director of the summer program in liturgical music, is actively pursuing a new campus/home for the program at several institutions.

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