Liturgy, Culture, and Social Justice

The connection of liturgy with social justice and the connection between culture and the authentic prayer of a community were much on my mind a couple of weeks ago as I participated in the Cathedral Ministries Conference, held this year in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

This became the subject of a blog post I wrote for Commonweal, where I am a contributing editor. Because of the liturgical subject matter, some of my thoughts — especially relating to Virgil Michel — may be of interest to Pray Tell readers (the comment thread adds value as well). The post is titled “Sacred Buffalo Dance.” Enjoy.

You can read it here.

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  1. I am always inspired by Virgil Michel because he knew and tried to teach the connection: liturgy – catechesis – social justice. We need to “hear” him today. If we listen we will learn.
    Thanks Rita!

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