Christ Cathedral Renderings

Archinet posted a feature story on the renovation of the former Crystal Cathedral into the future Christ Cathedral today. The article focuses on the unique challenges posed in transforming a space built for a televangelism ministry into a Roman Catholic Cathedral:

How does one design tangible structures for that most intangible of qualities, faith? More to the point: how does one renovate an existing place of worship to suit a new dogma? Johnson Fain’s renovation of Philip Johnson and John Burgee’s Crystal Cathedral is the culmination of metaphor, media, and the historical Christian tradition of repurposing.

The story contains links to further renderings of the space as it will be constructed at the website of the architects, Johnson Fain.

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  1. As far as I can see, this article majors on the quatrefoils that will be placed in many of the glass windows of the building to cope with glare (although the building and its occupants have coped well enough with it for all the years since it was built). It does not say anything about why the huge rectangle over the sanctuary was thought a good idea (we discussed this in a previous thread), nor anything about what purpose the large “bedstead frame” standing behind the sanctuary is intended to serve. Both of these items, together with the hanging cross, are detrimental to the concept of the building and will change its nature in a way that does not seem to be positive or helpful.

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