“I Photographed Jesus Christ’s Tomb”

As PrayTell readers may know, the Edicule, the shrine over the tomb of Christ in the Church of the Holy Seplechure is undergoing renovation. National Geographic has a fantastic piece by Nicole Werbeck about  Oded Balilty and Dusan Vranic photographing the the original burial shelf within the shrine itself. Head over to see some fantastic reflection on the experience and photos.


Above: The original burial shelf. Photograph by Dusan Vranic, AP, for National Geographic. 


  1. Would be amazing to be there. I couldn’t help notice, though, one of the photo captions explaining that this was the “final resting place of Jesus Christ.” Oh, well – at least they covered it.

  2. There are reasonable theories that the crucifixion and burial took place somewhere else. Having experienced the holiness of this spot, I find that whether it is actually the place where Jesus was laid is not as important as the salvation we receive in Jesus. Places like this inform me (and I am a lot like my namesake among the disciples–wanting to see and touch!) of the life and death and resurrection of the One we believe in. For nearly 2,000 years, since the time of St. Helena, millions of people have prayed here, and their prayers have made this place holy.

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