“Beeswax for the Ages”

In this age of oil altar “candles” and electric votive lamps, PrayTell readers may find this article from The Living Church on the popularity of real, beeswax candles.

Not only does it provide interesting facts about their perennial popularity, such as

[d]emand has been so consistent that Cathedral Candle opened a new office last year in Syracuse. That’s in addition to a factory that churns out millions of candles each year on the original site and employs 70 full-time, year-round workers,

but also provides insight into the process of how they are made using nearly century-old machinery.

One comment

  1. One fire is not worth any and every liturgical connectivity to “real” candles. Another place where the Catholic Church is out of step with the reality of life in 2016. Chaplain Edward Huff, BCC, NACC

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