Archbishop Marini, Former Papal MC, Hospitalized

Il Dispari reports that Archbishop Piero Marini, longtime papal MC under John Paul II, and more briefly at the beginning of the reign of Pope Benedict XVI, has been admitted to l’Ospedale Anna Rizzoli di Lacco Ameno. In the night between Sunday and Monday he seems to have suffered a stroke, arriving at the hospital Monday morning. His condition is reported to be unstable and he is under close observation. Italian media are already speculating about a transfer on Wednesday to the renowned Gemelli hospital.

mariniArchbishop Marini served as secretary to Archbishop Annibale Bugnini, architect of the liturgical reforms mandated by the Second Vatican Council. Marini is seen as a strong supporter of the Vatican II reforms by supporters and detractors alike. Pope Francis just appointed him to the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments this past Friday, along with 26 other bishops.

Let us pray for his health and well-being.




  1. Yes, despite the liturgical chasm between him and I. Charity must prevail. I will offer a holy Mass for him tomorrow — ad orientem, of course.

  2. Francis continues to prove himself amazing! Not only has he brought major players into the CDW, but this weekend he embraced the Swedish Lutheran woman Archbishop, Andke Jachelen. But the anchorage of the Vatican resulted in is affirmation of the non-ordination of women into the Catholic priesthood. Let’s hope that ongoing liturgical reform and ecumenical dialogue while weaken the Church’s entrenched position on so many of these somewhat ‘peripheral’ dogmatic issues when there is a compelling need for the re-creation of a Church which is more concerned with the challenge of living up to its mandate as celebrated in Psalm 72!

  3. I am not on Facebook, but it seems to me a little awkward that someone’s personal tragedy or health crisis should receive Facebook “Likes.” What I presume, in charity, is that this is a way of passing on news, not that one particularly likes it. Ugh. Maybe someone who knows personally how Facebook works would care to comment.

    More to the point, our prayers and good wishes go out to Archbishop Marini, a good man and a staunch friend of the liturgical reform.

    1. @Rita Ferrone:
      Facebook doesn’t really allow you to react negatively to posts, so “liking” something is indeed a way to pass on news or show acknowledgement. They recently added an extra feature where you can choose emojis more appropriate to the post, but as I recall they also tend to be more positive (smiley face, hearts, etc). I think it is meant to keep Facebook positive, and cut down on cyber bullying and whatnot.

      I’ll keep Archbishop Marini in my prayers as well.

      1. @Jack Wayne:
        Thanks for explaining this, Jack. The effort to keep things positive is a good one. I will take “like” as “noted and shared” in this context.

  4. Steve, “Charity must prevail” – with an unfortunate slap in the face. How sad. Wasn’t it enough to just say you would offer a Mass?

  5. No Eric, just a note on the differences that still stand. But, charity prevails over all of it. I think it’s a point that needs to be made often on this blog; if only to keep in the forefront of our minds the words of a wise Christian, “IN ESSENTIALS UNITY, IN NON-ESSENTIALS LIBERTY, IN ALL THINGS CHARITY.” — even in regards to the Sacred Liturgy.

  6. Archbishop Marini was present this morning at the traditional end-of-year meeting between the Pope and members of the Curia

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