New Mitre in Georgia

Today, the Pope wore a mitre while celebrating Mass in Georgia that was somewhat unusual.a4f98c05ff61678f38b2e025bd71ee26-690x450 images

I’ll be the first to admit that I could not find who made these vestments, or why this design was chosen. Other than the tiny >1% Roman Catholic Church, the dominant Georgian Orthodox and small Armenian Church presence are the main other forms of Christianity in the country. So the mitre’s design does not appear to be an overture to the Georgian (Byzantine-style) mitres or the Armenian mitres (which look like Baroque Roman mitres).

If someone knows what inspired this, please share!


  1. Perhaps it was easier to pack for the trip, or an admiration for Romanesque arches, or an indication of a ’rounder Papacy’, that is, not being the ‘point’ from which all else flows — pro-collegiality? Or just the whim of the maker?

    1. @Philip Sandstrom:
      When the pope travels the country he visits usually provide the vestments. So this was not something he brought with him. It was more than likely made along with the chasuable, there in Georgia.

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