Pray Tell Live: Plenum Panel Discussion

At long last, the final Pray Tell Live video has been posted from this year’s NPM convention.

This Plenum Panel Discussion, “One Song, Many Voices/Many Voices, One Song: Making It Work”  is with with Carmen Florez-Mansi, John Flaherty, and Rev. Paul Turner.

Many thanks to the tech people who got it up for us. I strongly recommend it to all!


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  1. Clearly all three speakers are fluent in more than one language, though in their presentations they just allude to this. The models of prayer and song they offer could for the most part be taken back to home parish liturgies and realized in whichever single language the assembly is ready to use. In other words, even within a single hymn we have juxtaposition. When will clinicians realize that more of their listeners all the time are fluent like themselves in more than one language? When will we create works again that can only be performed and lived as a blend of them, not mere repetition first integrally in one language and then in another? It has been done before in our storied history, especially at times in which new languages of choice are emerging (late medieval, for example). I live in a city in which English and Spanish are mixed and cross over all the time. So it is not contrived by master planners; it happens all the time among the people. It takes much trial and error to get it right, as I have discovered in my own experimentation.

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