Hipster Priest Consecrates Fresh Batch Of Seasonal Pumpkin Spice Eucharist


With fall just around the corner, that can only mean one thing: pumpkin spice flavored everything. The eucharist is no different, as Eye of the Tiber reports.


  1. Funny.

    I was at an ubermarket (not a box store, but a well-know regional chain) on Saturday, beholding their pumpkin beer/ale displays, and remarked to the manager and staffer organizing it: What did beer ever do that pumpkin had to be inflicted upon it? They laughed, and assured me that the trend peaked last year, with something like 2/3 of distribution of pumpkin flavored beers/ales being returned. They also noted there are a few examples that, if left to age many months, turn more savory than sweet and therefore possibly useful for food (or as I noted, craft beer-based cocktails).

    Pumpkin is for pie (or soup/stew or as a roasted vegetable). Then again, why have pumpkin pie when you can have sweet potato pie? (Maybe with a pecan shortbread cookie crust.)

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