Pope Francis’s Prayer Intentions for September

From Vatican Radio:

“Pope Francis has released his video message accompanying his monthly prayer intention: ‘That each may contribute to the common good and to the building of a society that places the human person at the center.”‘



Click here for the full story from Vatican Radio. 


  1. This is a theme in Catholic Social Teaching that was given prominence by John Paul II; Francis is simply employing the hermeneutic of continuity and following the example of his predecessor.

    Unless you want to go back to the view that all states should be confessionally Catholic (and I know that some do), then something like “putting the human person at the center” seems to be about the most one can legitimately hope for.

  2. God has by his own will placed us at the center, in his divine benevolence. The incarnation demonstrates this. Would that more folks would listen with more charitable and wise hearts, and not always be looking for the cause to critique or complain.

  3. To paraphrase Karl Rahner, humans do not have to become less for God to become more. It’s not a zero sum game!

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