Changes in NPM Leadership

The National Association of Pastoral Musicians has announced upcoming changes in leadership to its members.

hilgartnerThe current NPM president and CEO, Msgr. Richard Hilgartner, has been part-time at NPM, with most of his work duties being in his parish in the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He is unable to spend as much time as is necessary now to lead NPM, and his contract expires next year. Consequently, the process is now underway to find a full-time president and CEO.

Msgr. Hilgartner will remain with NPM in the capacity of a newly-created position on the board of directors: Director for Ecclesial Mission and Identity. Current board members are Chair Anne Ketzer, Vice-chair Jeremy Helmes, Lena Gokelman, Sister Kathleen Harmon SNDdeN, and Meg Matuska; and Msgr. Richard Hilgartner is on the board ex officio.

The four main priorities of NPM, as determined by the board and the national advisory council, are financial stability, leadership, membership, and planning. 


The National Committee for Finance and Development, chaired by Dolly Sokol and Steve Petrunak, has already begun what is termed an “aggressive Development Plan.”

NPM has approximately 6,000 members, which is seen to be “positioned now to increase steadily.” The National Committee for Chapters, chaired by Robert Wolf and by Jackie Schnittgrund, is addressing membership, and supporting and developing Chapters throughout the country.

The board and council are working on successful growth and sustainability with the Appreciative Inquiry process.

 NPM’s next national convention will take place in Cincinnati the week of July 10th, 2017.




  1. I don’t know that NPM needs substantial change in its core missions of professionalization and education, but I sense that the Catholic church in the US is changing significantly, and some of those changes (e.g parish closings and consolidations) would seem to drive NPM priorities.

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