2016 CTSA Proceedings: Reports on Sacraments & Liturgy

As promised in my June report on professional society meetings, here are links to the newly e-published Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America, Vol. 71 (2016). The annual convention theme was “Justice and Mercy,” while a couple of the sessions addressed topics in sacramental and liturgical theology. Proceedings includes two-page summaries of the sessions.

The regular Liturgy/Sacraments Topic Session, convened by Judith Kubicki, entailed three papers related to the convention’s 2016 theme:

  • Rhodora Beaton, “Mercy Revealed: The Dignity of the Marginalized Made Manifest in the Liturgy”
  • Jonathan Stotts “Calling Down God’s Mercy on the Body: Revisiting the Third Rite of Penance”
  • Susan Ross, “Challenging and Rethinking Justice, Mercy, and Gender”

The convention’s seven Selected Sessions included “Sacramental-Prophetic Vision: Exploiting Insights from Bernard Cooke’s Essential Writings.” My convener’s report summarizes the contributions of Daniel Horan, OFM, Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, Kimberly Hope Belcher, and Richard Lennan.

Word-count limits set for the reports prohibited recounting the contours of the rich, open discussions each of those sessions generated. Perhaps some Pray Tell readers will find the summaries suggestive.

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