Pray Tell Live: Plenum with Fr. Paul Turner

Friday, July 15

9 am:
Convention Plenum, “May the Peoples Praise You, God; May All the Peoples Praise You” (Psalm 67) / „Oh Dios, que te alaben los pueblos, que todos los pueblos te alaben” (Salmo 66)
– Fr. Paul Turner


  1. I find Paul’s works in general very helpful, so I intended to dip in and listen to a couple of minutes of this. But I was drawn in and ended up spending an hour that I had intended to spend on something else listening to this talk instead. It was time well spent. I found the conclusion particularly moving and listened with a lump in my throat.

    On a related note: I was in Ecuador this past week and at Mass last Sunday we sang the Padre Nuestro to the tune of “The Sounds of Silence” (a practice I had heard about, but never actually heard). Talk about multiculturalism! The Mass in general bore out Paul’s point about Latino composers being rather “free” in their adaptation of texts. But at least for the Padre Nuestro, we sang the first half of the SofS version, then said the official text, and then sang the second half of the SofS version. So somebody at the Jesuit parish in Quito shares Paul’s misgivings about trying to improve on the words of Jesus.

  2. I have always found Paul Turner’s comments to be reachable and reasonable. He was masterful in this talk. Just masterful. Yes Hans, on so many levels…I too was moved to a deep reflection of the words of Christ and think Fr. Turner’s sensitivity to parishioners should be seminary class viewing.

    As one goes to Church on July 25 for a son of thunder, St. James, one might realize that the Church has indeed improved on Jesus’ words as He asked James, prompted by James’ mother, if he and his brother could drink from the “Chalice?”

    Not an improvement on the words of Jesus when, in the good ol’ days, He used to ask about drinking from the Cup, He just wanted to use the same words Catholics use. Jesus also also does that too in the revised Scriptures when He teaches the Our Father.

    Fritz, I appreciate your recount of the Sounds of Silence…

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