Pray Tell Live: Plenum with Carolyn Y. Woo

Thursday, July 14

9 am:
Convention Plenum, “Transformation through Mission/Transformación a través de la mission”
– Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo, Catholic Relief Services president and CEO

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  1. A voice like this on a blog site where over 100 comments will fill a train of thoughts on a remark on the direction a priest should face…it stops me in my tracks. It is good to check in on the millions of people for whom that worry is so distant when all they seek is “an invitation to be loved.” How do our liturgical experiences move that agenda forward. Do we know people as “equal, as a cherished mosaic, with a non self referential lens, not as burden but as opportunity.”

    Thank you Dr. Woo, and NPM for this vision.

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