Pray Tell Live: Interview with Tony Alonso

Thursday, July 14

10:30 am:
Tony Alonso – interview on active participation


  1. Very good examen of conscience for myself as music minister & for our community at worship. Good and concisely presented. Thanks so much for this interview and to Fr. Anthony for asking the questions that helped explain the 6 points. So glad to be able to get this livestream. Thank you Pray Tell!

  2. Thanks again Pray Tell.
    Six Obstacles to Active Participation – Tony Alonso
    1. Being seduced by inspiring people
    2. Misplaced love
    3. Denying our biases
    4. Failing to see our role in the liturgy interconnected to each other
    5. Trying to do too much
    6. Believing/assuming the welcome is ours to give

  3. Yes, yes, yes… and amen! This really is an examination of conscience for anyone involved in planning liturgy. It was a great interview that provided lots of “meat” to chew on and digest. His list reminded me of what John the Baptist said, “I must decrease so that He may increase.” That is how I see my relationship with the assembly. I must decrease so that they may increase.. Thanks to Tony Alonso for the courage to be honest and blunt. He should add “prophet” to the list of his ministries.

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