Pray Tell Live: Plenum with J. Michael Joncas

Wednesday, July 13

9:30 am:
Convention Plenum, “Holiness, Beauty, and Sacrament”
– Fr. Michael Joncas


  1. I’m getting it fine in my hotel room at the convention! I’m sorry it’s not working for you. It will be available as archive very shortly.

    This is a powerful, profound, beautiful address! I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  2. I caught just his last section of the address, because, sigh, I was caught in Houston traffic. But what I heard was wonderful (and sounded very familiar from my graduate study). I wonder if he would consider a follow-up address, perhaps at the next convention, on the thorny issues of how to, and who should, judge beauty (unless I missed it).

  3. Thank you Pray Tell for giving us not in attendance at the convention the opportunity to experience this beautiful presentation by Fr. Joncas.

  4. Another WOW in a completely different way. This was thought provoking and profound. He made me think! He drew me into all of his reflections. He made me want to consider the work I am doing as a liturgical musician in light of this plenum. And I have new ways to address the idea of beauty in my work and in my creativity. Not bad for a “late, middle aged, paunchy, caucasian”. Thank you Fr. Joncas.

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