Pray Tell Live: Panel Discussion with Hymnal Publishers

Wednesday, July 13
10:45 am: Hymnal Publishers – panel
– Michael Silhavy, GIA
– Alan Hommerding, WLP
– Monica Rada, OCP


  1. Thank you for this live podcast with the main Catholic Publishers since I am now retired and did not attend convention. Now as a normal attendee at my parish, they print their own weekly and/or seasonal booklet which I find might be expensive and wasteful of trees. But each publisher really has its own set of repertoire of its music only to include some of the classics used by all publishers. So, it is a conundrum when you want to use music from all the publishers and are confined to one hymnal or multiple hymnals which can be confusing. Also, seasonal missalettes can be difficult in maintaining a consistent repertoire through the entire year. I hope that future hymnals (which are ultimately less costly) can be more inclusive of not only traditional hymns, but classic contemporary songs from all publishers so that assemblies can enjoy a variety of music. Thank you!

  2. The long-term future is probably modular – separating what seem to be the publisher ghettoes for music for the Ordo, the psalter, propers of divers sorts and hymns. Publishers who enable rather than resist this may have an edge.

  3. I was actually disheartened by this discussion. Last year they all seemed much more at ease with each other… sometimes jovial. This year they seemed intent on giving the best sales pitch. It was almost a game of one-ups-man-ship. WLP was the only one who did not come across that way. OCP and GIA really disappointed me. Anthony asked some very good questions about where all of this is going. They really skirted around the questions, choosing instead to promote what they already have. And when he suggested a selection of all three publishers in one book or from a common resource, that made them all very uncomfortable.

  4. If you want a hymnal that does not use primarily the publisher’s own proprietary material, take a look at the St. Michael Hymnal

    as well as Illuminare’s publications:

    Or you could do what I do: purchase single copies of hymnals and other resources, acquire the requisite copyright licenses (the big 3 each have their own), and use the best material from each, along with public domain resources, to print in your own worship aid.

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