Pray Tell Live: NPM Plenum with Fr. Tony Ricard

Pray Tell Live

at NPM 2016


Monday, July 11, 2016

Convention Plenum, “One Song, Many Voices/Many Voices, One Song”
– Fr. Tony Ricard, pastor, revivalist and youth speaker

View archive of recording – starts at 16:35.


  1. So sad that we weren’t able to hear the ending of Fr. Tony Ricard’s talk. He was wonderful…..and then the broadcast was cut off….. guess they must have a time limit.

    I went back into the website, and was able to hear the last few moments of his talk on a link to Utube. I am grateful, as he was wonderful!

  2. WOW! Fr. Ricard’s talk had a resounding effect on me. It literally brought me to tears. I spent all of last spring (January through May) teaching a unit study of the music from the slavery era through the Civil War to children from kindergarten age to fifth grade. They not only had to learn the music but also the experiences that inspired the music. Fr. Tony’s plenum touched me deeply partly because of what I learned with the children. “One Song, Many Voices/Many Voices, One Song” is exactly how we felt when we presented all of that music to the parents at the end of the year. There was a real feeling of “frenzy” (the good kind) at the concert. To live it is to know it. Thank you for making this available to all of us who could not attend in person.

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