Pray Tell Live at NPM in Houston

Monday, July 11, 2016

4 pm: Convention Plenum, “One Song, Many Voices/Many Voices, One Song”
– Fr. Tony Ricard, pastor, revivalist and youth speaker

Tuesday, July 12

11 am: Convention Plenum, “Spirituality: Many Paths, One God”
– Dr. C. Vanessa White, spirituality minister, catechist

1 pm: Fr. Rick Hilgartner, NPM president – in interview

3:45 pm: Hispanic/Spanish Choir Ministry – panel
– Pablo Ocana, Houston, TX
– Estella García-López, OCP; Ascension Catholic Church, Portland, OR

5 pm: Composing for Liturgy – panel
– Paul Inwood and Rory Cooney,
leaders of NPM convention Composers’ Institute

Wednesday, July 13

9:30 am: Convention Plenum, “Holiness, Beauty, and Sacrament”
– Fr. Michael Joncas

10:45 am: Hymnal Publishers – panel
– Michael Silhavy, GIA
– Alan Hommerding, WLP
– Monica Rada, OCP

Thursday, July 14

9 am: Convention Plenum, “Transformation through Mission/Transformación a través de la mission”
– Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo, Catholic Relief Services president and CEO

10:30 am: Tony Alonso – interview on active participation

4 pm: Organ and Liturgical Music in Hispanic Context – panel
-Crista Miller, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Houston, TX
– Rick Gibala, St. Thomas More Cathedral, Alexandria, VA

Friday, July 15

9 am: Convention Plenum, “May the Peoples Praise You, God; May All the Peoples Praise You” (Psalm 67) / „Oh Dios, que te alaben los pueblos, que todos los pueblos te alaben” (Salmo 66)
– Fr. Paul Turner

Saturday, July 16

9 am: Convention Plenum, “The Challenges and Richness of a Diverse Church – That We May All Be One”
– Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo

All times are CST.



  1. NPM is very grateful to PrayTell, Father Ruff, and all who offer support for this wonderful service that enables those who can’t join us in convention to share in at least part of what an NPM Convention has to offer. Of course, we invite you to share the whole experience when you get a chance!

  2. NPM is a fine organization. So is the American Guild of Organists. I do wish the two organizations would collaborate to the extent that both of their (rather expensive, once you factor in lodging and transportation) national conventions should not occur in the same summer. Alternating them would be nice. Then members of both could come to a better appreciation of what the other is doing—the AGO’s striving for artistic excellence and technical competence, and NPM’s continuing quest for “full conscious, active participation.

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