Youth Compline

Here is the National Catholic Youth Choir singing Compline in Saint John’s Abbey church. It is our custom to end each day singing Compline, all sitting on the floor in a circle. Last night the choir attended Evening Prayer with the monks, then rehearsed in church for Sunday Mass.

Every year choristers say Compline is their favorite part of the day. You’ll hear Psalm 4, sung to Meinrad Archabbey mode 1.

NCYC 2017: June 17-25 – Spreading the word!


  1. How very beautiful! A great example on how plain chant allows the sacred text to have primacy of place in the liturgy and helps even the youth to reflect deeply on God’s word as it washes over their souls in refreshing waves of prayer. “All other things being equal.” Forget the drum beats of the concert. Let plain chant carry our souls aloft to God, and have primacy of place.

  2. This is beautiful. I wish I had a similar opportunity at that age.

    Did the schola perform the Te Deum for Vespers? I’ve never heard the Te Deum in English (other than the paraphrase “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” as a benediction hymn). I am curious to hear what the Te Deum chanted in English sounds like.

    1. @Jordan Zarembo:
      Jordan – the monks have a monastic vigil office on Saturday that has the Te Decet, we only do Te Deum on bigger feasts at St. John’s. It’s a metrical text to a few rousing English tunes.

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