Holy and Great Council: On Schedule!

The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, scheduled for June 16-27 in Crete, is still scheduled as originally planned, according to an announcement by the Ecumenical Patriarchate today.

Discussions on the preconciliar documents by the bishops in Greece, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Russia have concerned the possibility of amending the texts. Many of the bishops are hesitant to adopt the proposed texts on marriage, ecumenism, and the mission of the Orthodox Church in the world.

The Orthodox Church does not consider the Holy and Great council to be an ecumenical council. The council will be historic and speak authoritatively on a number of issues, keeping in mind that most of the Orthodox world was persecuted and marginalized by Soviet and Ottoman anti-religious policies.

Stay tuned for updates on the council and its activities.


  1. Holy and Great Council.
    What does “holy” mean?
    “Holy God, we praise thy name,” we sing to the tune of GROSSER GOTT. “All holy men and women, pray for us,” we sing in the litany of the saints. Jubilee years have holy doors. “Holy, holy, holy Lord God of hosts.” What does “holy” mean?

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