Some Questions about the Retranslated Marriage Rite

By now, publishers have received the copy of the Marriage Rite for use beginning September 8. Composers are at work setting the texts.

Of course, this ritual book – like all ritual books going forward – will use the Revised Grail Psalms.

But: Psalm 128 appears as the normative psalm within the order of the ritual itself. Lo and behold, “Sion” is spelled with a Z. That’s not what RGP has.

In Psalms 103 and 112, “righteousness” is now used, rather than “justice.”

In Psalms 112 and 145, “righteous” is used, not “just.”

And in Psalm 148, “reptiles” is now rendered “creeping things.”

So do we really use “justice” on Sunday December 29 (Holy Family) and “righteousness” at a wedding on Saturday, December 28?

Not a huge deal. But one wonders whether this is a secretarial oversight (it happens – talk to me about the typos and mistakes in abbey worship leaflets that I oversee), or something more. I don’t believe the U.S. has ever been given official permission to make these changes above, have they? Has the Vatican just sprung them on the U.S.? I don’t know.

Less controversial and unrelated is the Lenten Gospel Acclamation: “Sing joyfully to God our strength.” I can see the debate starting now: “Can we use ‘Glory to You, O Word of God’ at Lenten weddings even though it is not an option in the book? Can we use ‘Sing joyfully to God our strength’ as a Sunday Lenten Gospel Acclamation since it is allowed at weddings?” (This is not the verse – it’s the acclamation itself.)




  1. Why would they add a special Gospel Acclamation during Lent just for a wedding Ritual? Don’t get it.

  2. Speaking of translation,a further minor quibble: I notice that the phrase “gratiae vitae” (in “gratiae vitae coheredem” in the nuptial blessing A) is still translated as “of the life of grace”, when in fact most biblical versions will translate 1 Peter 3:7 as “of the grace of life”. Works fine, though.

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